Join us for a Virtual Open House Tour

Many families are preparing for their child’s 2021-22 Preschool and Kindergarten school year. In an effort to keep families safe but to also allow them to experience the uniqueness of our Montessori classroom that sets us apart, we would like to invite you to Beaver Valley Montessori’s Virtual Open House Tour coming soon. Please check back for our Virtual Open House Tour link!

Our Virtual Open House Tour will walk you through the doors of our school to reveal the Montessori environment where children unfold spontaneously and manifest the greater person within. You will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the child-size setting designed for success in lessons and mastery of independence. The world outside is incorporated meaningfully in a Montessori classroom. To a child, the world is unmanageable – it is too big, too complex and too confusing. By careful selection of materials you will discover an environment set up to allow the child to explore life on a level he can understand. The materials and exercises are designed to stimulate independent exploration. You will capture how the prepared environment entices the child to proceed at his own pace, from simple activities to more complex ones. Through this process the child’s natural curiosity is satisfied and he begins to experience the joy of discovering the world around him. As the tour continues you will notice the materials our curriculum is centered around including practical life, sensorials, language, math, geography, science, art, music, drama and dance. Don’t miss our natural extension of the classroom in our outdoor space. Here, we build on the child’s classroom awareness through sensorial experiences in nature. Experience first-hand the school designed for success in lessons and mastery of independence!

Following your Virtual Open House Tour, families considering enrollment for their child are encouraged to call our office and speak with our Administration team. Our team can answer questions about the tour, our program, more information regarding Montessori Philosophies, our Curriculum & Class Schedules, Waitlist updates, and Frequently Asked Questions & Answers. We look forward to speaking with all interested families!